Monday, 14 November 2016

#NisaSoloTriptoParis #FirstEuropeCity

#NisaSoloTriptoParis  #FirstEuropeCity     2/11/2016-5/11/16

      Somewhere around this year Eid, there’s a 30% promotion from Saudi Airlines to certain destination. Randomly checked on Europe destinations and among the cheapest are Istanbul, London and Paris. My eyes fixed on Paris. Even after an intense mind battling, I still choose Paris.

No specific reason really, just because it’s PARIS !!

Getting frequent with Saudia

       Of course,  they’re some would say ‘ Eh, with that budget of yours I can round Europe 10 countries in 14 days…’ Bish.. I only allowed to have either 4 days off or one whole month vacation, so suck it up. Don’t asked me about budget as I’m not practicing a cheapskate type of trip nor a luxurious one. Just enough for me to buy the transportation tickets, indulge mostly on foods, brought one day pass at Versailles and have some left for souvenirs. I’ll share the pricing still, no worries.

Never thought I will have this flight route atlas not in this year

      My itinerary too are kind of loose one as I just hopped the metro and go random places.I covered most of the tourist attraction yet I randomly stopped at random station. Just to see the surroundings and hopped back to train again. Most important things, 90% of them are free. The only place I paid is at Versailles Palace.
Trying out new baby Samsung Nx3000. felowwwlesssss nyahh

     At first, I was planned to stay 2 nights at a hostel and want to try on night in a better hotel. But then, I opened Airbnb and found my more preferable place to stay. A private room with a private bathroom in Paris suburbs. It’s a French-Japanese family house. Very cozy and that area are exceptionally safe! Very recommended.

Nawaz ready to pick up!

The only problem I faced  in Paris is to understand the metro. Like seriously, I still lost on my last ride to the airport, made me almost missed my flight and because I was too rushed I forgot my backpack after the custom check!!!! carelessornottetapsalahmetro Anyhow, it’s really convenient to travel in Paris with metro just the lines and the stations still confused me so yeah, love-hate relationships  with the metro.

Short introduction entry. Next post coming.

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